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The Voice: [R]evisiting [indigent defense] through budget negotiations would presumably lower the states investment while keeping Cuomo the arbiter of what amount of progressivism can be allowed in his state. A college tuition bill similar to Cuomos proposal was proposed by two state legislators last spring, but Albany's leadership tuned out. The same thing happened with the battle over the states minimum wage, where Cuomo ignored calls from fellow Democrats for a raised minimum wage statewide, in favor of a compromise deal, reached through budget negotiations, that leaves out upstate areas with conservative politicians who opposed the wage increase. Cuomo's claim to being defender of the state coffers also runs counter to a central campaign of his governorship: keeping county taxes down. Cuomo has implemented an array of schemes to accomplish this, including a statewide two-percent cap on increases , with rebates for homeowners whose counties abide by the cap, and inter-county contests for which municipalities collaborate to come up with the most innovative service consolidation, with cash prizes coming from state coffers. A high-tech factory that is part of the Buffalo Billion project, now at the center of federal prosecutions of some of Cuomo's closest allies. (AP) Funding indigent defense was a prime opportunity to save counties money and thus keep them from having to raise taxes, and Cuomo dropped the ball, according to Ron Deutsch, director of the watchdog Fiscal Policy Institute. "In reality [with the indigent defense bill] he is the one that literally holds the keys to lowering property taxes by basically having the state pick up the costs that they're pushing down to the lower level," Deutsch explained. small business loan government "The fact that he's vetoing it just because there's no clear funding mechanismwe continuously put together projects that have no clear funding mechanism, in particular on the capital infrastructure side.

People with bad credit should consider non-traditional financing options — which tend to place less emphasis on credit scores — before giving up on getting a loan. Answering the first question means being fully conversant with all the details of your business plan and being able to point to the relevant financial statements, charts or graphs that will help convince the lender that you need the amount of money you're asking for to do what you want to do. There may be covenants. A statement of your personal financial status - A list of your personal assets and debts to give the lender a fuller financial picture. That includes loans for your business. Getting a business loan is very simple with my company. Prepare a business plan and financial documents.

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